How to Select Best Possible Software Tools in Software Organizations “A priliminary stride to ameliorate Software Quality Process”

Murtaza Hussain Shaikh


Currently, technologies are improving on a daily basis and inclined towards meeting specific requirements of customers. The companies using technologies or tools must adapt themselves to these developments. This is critical factor as it lends support for company to reach its goals. For that, they must select a new software or tool to augment business processes. However the process of suitable tool selection is a very difficult task. Selecting the right software tool is one of the most important decisions taken by company; the success of the company will depend predominantly on it. Moreover it is hard to recognize which tool is most appropriate. This paper focuses mainly on the selection process of tool, most important steps which have to be considered while planning to select tool and other intricacies concerned with choosing most appropriate tool.


Keywords: Requirements; Development ; Collaborations; Co-operation ; Procurements ; Mitigations; Monitoring ; Software quality; Analyzing risks; Cost operations.

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