Unified Technique for DOA Estimation using Real Antenna Array in presence of Environmental Objects

Ahmed A. Yahia, Hassan M. Elkamchouchi


A new technique is presented to optimize the Direction of Arrival (DOA) estimation of the desired signals using a real
antenna array affected by various electromagnetic (EM) effects. It is considered to be an amendment of non conventional least squares
optimization algorithm for DOA estimation. This technique uses genetic algorithm procedures as tools to randomize the selection of
receiving elements through real uniform linear array and optimizing a predefined cost function to avoid unwanted received multipath
components. This idea is the key of the new technique to minimize the probability of fine and gross errors which is considered as a
cost function. So, we can get rid off the resultant spectrum’s distortion for DOA estimation by using the results of this unified
technique in hardly EM affected signals’ environment.


Keywords: Direction of Arrival (DOA); genetic algorithm; non conventional least squares optimization algorithm

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v2i6.856


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