Analysis for ARQ Protocols on Multi Channels by using MIMD Congestion Control Algorithm

G. Sireesha, C.Balarengadurai, J.Srikanth


In this paper we proposed to improve channels transmission rate but different time-invariant error rates. By assuming the Gilbert–Elliott model (GEM)for each channel and TCP for high speed the additive increase multiplicative decrease algorithm used in the standard TCP, Scalable TCP uses a multiplicative increase, multiplicative decrease (MIMD) algorithm for the window size evolution , we extend our analysis to time-varying channels. We compute the probability mass functions of the sequencing buffer occupancy and the sequencing delay for time-invariant channels. Our approach is based on the logarithm of the window size evolution has the same behavior as the workload process in a standard G/G/1 queue. The Laplace-Stieltjes transform of the equivalent queue is then shown to directly provide the throughput of the congestion control algorithm (CCA) and the higher moments of the window size.


Keywords: MIMD, GEM, TCP, CCA, PGF, PMF.

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