Conceptual Review on Relational and Spatial Database Query Processing and Benchmarking

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Ravi Kant Vyas
Manoj Paliwal, B.L. Pal


Applications of different areas need a deal with databases and quantitative and qualitative temporal constraints. Issues of relational database are re-presentation of temporal data, grouping identifiers, primary temporal relations keys and temporal integrity constraints. Purpose of the paper is to investigate the characteristics that distinguish spatial databases systems from traditional ones. An efficient knowledge representation for classification of spatial data is based on both non-spatial properties of the classified objects and attributes, predicates and functions describing spatial relations between classified objects and other features located in the spatial proximity of the classified objects. The great popularity of geospatial data and increasing use in commercial as well as scientific applications is a significant event of our times. The flow of data has made DBMS a ubiquitous component for research. Although many DBMS have been built, there have been very less systematic comparisons of functionalities and performance especially few benchmark standards.



Keywords: database, relational, spatial, benchmarking


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