Data Locating In Real Time Cloud Based Service Oriented Architectures

Boopathy .D, R. Srividhya


Cloud computing technology is a new concept of providing dramatically scalable and virtualized resources. It implies a service oriented architecture, reduced information technology overhead for the end-user, great flexibility, reduced total cost of ownership, on-demand services and many other things. When the Software as a Service Provider or Infrastructure as a Service provider may bankrupt or suddenly disappeared from the competitive market means, who will take responsible for customer data? One of the main concerns of customers is Cloud security and the threat of the unknown. The lack of physical access to servers constitutes a completely new and disruptive challenge for investigators. This paper represents the physical storage of data in end-user point of view with possible way and satisfies the standards and legal issues.



Keywords: Cloud computing, Security, Legal Aspects, Privacy access, Data Location.

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