Performance Evaluation Of Spatial Indexing Techniques

S Mahaboob Hussain, Pullela S V V S R Kumar, Dr MHM Krishna Prasad


Spatial databases store information related to objects positional locations e.g., various kinds of multidimensional objects represented by points, line segments, polygons and other kinds of geometric entities. These databases should support for efficient storage, indexing and querying of spatial data. Special purpose indexing structures are important for accessing the spatial data, and for processing spatial queries. To handle the spatial data efficiently, a database system needs an indexing mechanism that will help it to retrieve data items quickly according to their spatial locations instead of using GIS (Geospatial Information System). Hence, in this paper, authors evaluated R, R+ and R* dynamic indexing algorithms, on a variety of real time and synthetic datasets, to access the spatial data. From the experimental study, one can observe that the R* indexing technique performs well (than R and R+) for spatial databases.



Keywords: Spatial Databases, Indexing, Querying, Splitting Algorithms, RTree, R*Tree, R+Tree

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