Implementation of Ad-hoc On Demand Distance Vector Routing (AODV) in Mobile Ad-hoc networks

B. Soujanya


A Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of wireless mobile nodes forming a temporary network without using any centralized access point, infrastructure, or centralized administration. To establish a data transmission between two nodes, typically multiple hops are required due to the limited transmission range. Mobility of the different nodes makes the situation even more complicated. Multiple routing protocols especially for these conditions have been developed during the last years, to find optimized routes from a source to some destination. Ad Hoc On-Demand Vector Routing (AODV) which is one of the protocols used in MANET . AODV has been designed for use in ad hoc mobile networks. It allows users to find and maintain routes to other users in the network whenever such routes are needed. Creating a working implementation of an ad hoc routing protocol is non-trivial and more difficult than developing a simulation . This paper explains the implementation of Ad Hoc On-Demand Vector Routing(AODV) in variable network sizes up to few nodes.




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