Answering imprecise queries in Total Neutrosophic Databases

Meena Arora, Dr. U.S. Pandey


Neutrosophic relation database model has been developed for representing and manipulating three kinds of uncertain information in databases: fuzzy, incomplete and inconsistent. The neutrosophic set is a powerful general formal framework that has been recently proposed. However, the neutrosophic set needs to be specified from a technical point of view. In order to handle inconsistent situation, we propose the relation-theoretic operations on them. We define algebraic operators that are generalizations of the usual operators such as intersection, union, selection, and join on fuzzy relations. We present an SQL–like SELECT statement construct for posing queries to total neutrosophic databases. The syntax and semantics of SELECT statement is defined for making it an effective tool for querying.


Keywords- component; Total neutrosophic relation, Neutrosophic sets, Doubt factor, Belief factor.

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