Efficient Invalidation Attack Resistance on Bootstrapping and Cache Consistency on MANET

P. Parameswari, Dr.C. Chandrasekar


Bootstrap security scheme is capitalizing neighbor node relationship and share knowledge information of other nodes in dynamic MANET. In this paper, we identify possible security attacks on bootstrapping and cache consistency and propose schemes for intrusion detection, damage recovery and intruder identification. We also address other security issues in cooperative cache based data access. Also, we propose a solution based on the improved IR-based cache invalidation and bootstrapping strategy to prevent intruders from dropping or modifying the invalidation messages. Digital signatures can be used to protect IRs but it has significantly high overhead in terms of computation and bandwidth consumption. To rectify this problem, we propose invalidation based bootstrapping and cache consistency schemes for intrusion detection and damage recovery. Experimental simulation is carried out to evaluate the proposed schemes. Our scheme can significantly improve the throughput and reduce the query latency, the number of uplink request, and the broadcast bandwidth requirements.


Keywords: Bootstrap, IR, MANET

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v2i5.723


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