The Preparedness of Smes for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Olabode Olatubosun


Information and infrastructures are vulnerable to risk such as incidences and disasters. To mitigate against these emergencies, disaster recovery plan and contingency plan becomes very essential. This paper present a report of the survey carried out on some small and medium scale Entrepreneurs in Botswana to determine the awareness and preparedness of disaster recovery and business continuity planning. 85 structured questionnaires were administered to personnel of SMEs. It explores the key factors of user awareness, impact as well as the importance of disaster and continuity planning through a research survey thereby gathering empirical evidences. Data collected from 85 respondents was analysed and tested using the frequency distribution. Spearman’s Chi Square and Correlation were used to test the variability of the responses, while Crobach’s Alpha was used for the reliability test. The results revealed that SMEs know much about disaster recovery and Continuity planning. They are also aware of the type of disaster, its impact, importance of disaster recovery and continuity planning vis as vis the extent to which disaster can affect business activities if disaster recovery and business continuity planning are not adequately put in place.



Keywords: Disaster, Disaster Recovery, Continuity Planning, Information Technology, Attack, Risk, Entrepreneurs

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