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Karan Singh Asoliya
Varun Mehra, Suraj Joshi, Bhavin Bhatnagar
Dharmendra Vaishnav, Kushal Sharma, Jahanvi Kumawat
Latif Khan , Dr. Mayank Patel


Over half of the people in the world intentionally have pets as their chums, but these pets are becoming impediment to the pet owners. There is a lot of stress to the owner regarding feeding their pets. Over the years different automatic pet feeders are available in the market, but none of them are still not able to solve lot of problems like overeating, obesity. Moreover, it will also feed the fishes by pitching the food into fish tank. This project aims in rectifying the problems caused by existing feeders and designing an efficient automatic pet feeders using internet of things. This system has also a supplemental feature of watering in plants according to individual plant’s need (different species). We have installed a soil moisture sensor which will sense the moisture in soil of plants, and if it will get the moisture quantity lower then needed quantity (according to individual species), it will start watering the plants. Solar based smart pet feeder is an automated system as suggested by its name it has the capabilities to automatically function according to the needs of users. The system also has the update system which keep on updating the user through the mobile application. The system also shows the quantity of food fed to the pets and fishes, the quantity of water, moisture quantity in the soil. The Solar Panels are used in order to save electricity to make our system mobile and self-powered. The system has hybrid mobile application from which the data is updated time to time. It also shows us the real time data of the system.


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