Augmentation of ANN in Medical Domain and other fields

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Tanvi Maheshwari
Richika Jain, Pooja Seth, Rakshit Kothari


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the replication of intellectual in computers that are being trained to think and act like living beings.Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are one of the most fascinating and well studied disciplines of AI. ANNs are essentially computer-generatedmathematical algorithms.ANNslearnfrom standarddata and capture the information itcontains like,trainedartificial neural networksapproximate the functioning of a tiny biological brain cluster in a very basic way. They are a digital version of the biological brain consist ofnodes as a neuron that can recognize complicated non-linear interaction between dependent and independent variables in data that the humanbrain could miss. Computer technology has evolved enormously, and interest in the diverse uses of AI in medical and biological research hasgrown.    ANNs are now frequently utilized in medical application through our many fields. Diagnosis, Electronic signal Analysis, Medicalpicture analysis and Radiology have all used ANNs extensively. In this paper we had critical analysis on Augmentation of ANN in Medicaldomainandinotherfields.


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