Reinforcement and Consolidation of the Weakest Ring in information Security within Establishments

Khalid Mohammed Osman Saeed, Waleed Abdelrahman Yousif Mohammed, Eiman Alsiddig Altyeb Ibrahim


Information security used to be primarily a problem for governmental organizations or organizations whose operations need a high level of security to safeguard data and infrastructure. The fact that most information is now broadcast over the air and business is conducted through communication channels means that this way of life has an impact on the security of these assets. Therefore, information security issues should be treated equally to other security issues, and both of them need to be resolved simultaneously. The elements that positively or negatively affect information security awareness are then discussed in this study, with a focus on the role of organizations, senior management, and employees as well as technological and administrative security measures. As a result of this work, information security awareness has risen to the top of the security strategy and assumed paramount importance. As a result, classification of establishments and strategy planning must be done in the future while considering information security awareness.


Information Security, Security Awareness, Security Management

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