Smart Prepaid Energy Meter

Shruti bhadviya, Vinita Kunwar Rao, Riya Suhalka, Ritik Tailor, Manish vyas , Suraj paliwal


The main idea of the project is to develop smart energy meter for an automatic metering and billing System. A digital smart prepaid energy meter can reduce the harassment of a consumer and effort of vendors over the traditional physical energy meter reading, billing process and electricity theft can be detected and prevented. The proposed system is implemented using a GSM shield module on microcontroller (Arduino UNO) together with Optocoupler and relay. In this meter energy utilized and the corresponding amount will be displayed on the LCD continuously and communicated to the controlling base station. . The main power passes through a relay to the consumer. The disconnection of power supply on demand or due to zero or low balance was implemented using a relay. The detail of power displaced in the energy meter is transferred to the mobile phone of consumer and updated at server of service provider using GSM and it also shows the units consumed by the load and available balance. If the available balance is reduced to certain limit then an alert message will be sent on consumer’s mobile phone and after alert message if balance reaches below the set limit for power cut then the system automatically cut the power supply by triggering relay. On successful recharge the power supply will be turned ON by the system. The proposed system replaces traditional meter reading methods and enables remote access of existing energy meter by the energy provider. This smart energy meter is developed by using low-cost components that are available at the local market.


Smart Prepaid Energy Meter , Smart Phone, Arduino, GSM, Optocupleretc

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Sagar Rathee (June 2020) introduced a smart prepaid energy metering solution for big government. To facilitate bi-directional communication between the server and consumer’s meter, data is transmitted over the power line using Power Line modem or adapters. Energy consumption is calculated by using the “meter constant”, and this data is sent by meters to the server

N Mahfuz (July 2020) presented a very effective solution to reduce the harassment of a consumer and effort of vendors over the traditional physical energy meter reading and billing process with a smart energy meter and digital billing system. The proposed energy meter has a 20*4 LCD for understating the consumed energy or remaining energy to consumers

HK Patel (2019) introduced a system that removes human intervention in meter readings and bill generation thereby reducing the error that usually causes chaos and energy related corruption. . The proposed scheme is to connect an LDR sensor with the blinking LED and send the data to microcontroller via GSM shield.

EI Abbas (2018) introduced a modified management system for smart electrical energy meter. The proposed smart meter has feature to inform the consumer about energy consumption, this feature serves energy consumption reduction by self-awareness of real consumption .

P Loganthurai (March 2017) The main idea of the project is to modernize our billing system using GSM .The GSM is a technique works on the principle of TDMA – time division multiple access and operates at the frequency of 900MHZ .

VisalatchiS (April 2017) followed a new procedure which is based on MICROCONTROLLER Atmega328P to detect and control the energy meter from power theft and solve it by remotely disconnect and reconnecting the service (line) of a particular consumer.

Sneha Chaudhary (May 2017) presented a smart energy meter for an automatic and superior metering and billing system.

V Preethi (2016) presented a smart energy meter for an automatic metering and billing system



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