“Self-Healing Concrete Using Sodium Silicate”

Dr. Manish Varma, Mohit Menaria , Khushal Ahari, Arun Soni , Krishanpal Singh Chouhan


Crack formation is a very common phenomenon in concrete structure which allows the water and different types of chemical into the concrete through the cracks and decreases their durability, strength and which also affect the reinforcement when it comes in contact with water, CO2 and other chemicals. Micro-cracks are formed due to shrinkage and thermal expansion at early age, and due to structural loading or environmental actions while in service. Cracks provide entry points for gas, liquid and deleterious chemicals which pose a significant risk to the safety and serviceability of reinforced concrete structures. To mitigate this hazard, self-healing materials have emerged as a viable solution. For repairing the cracks developed in the concrete, it requires regular maintenance and special type of treatment which will be very expensive. 

The aim of this study is to compare the Normal concrete and Special concrete based on sodium silicate in terms of their influence on the original properties of fresh and hardened concrete and functionality. So, to overcome this problem an autonomous self-healing mechanism is introduced in the concrete which helps to repair the cracks by producing Sodium silicate micro encapsulation which blocks the micro cracks and pores in the concrete. Sodium silicate improves the structural properties such as water permeability, durability and compressive strength of the normal concrete which was found by performing different types of experiment.



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