Abhishek Sharma, VirendraSingh Chundawat, Rahul Chasta, Sudhanshu Raj, Aaditya Upadhyay, Aditya Shah


This project uses GSM technology and an Arduino UNO to control a three-phase motor. A three-phase motor is commonly used in agriculture. Agriculture is the mainstay of economic prosperity in countries like India. When the farm is a few kilometres away from the farmer's home, the farmer must turn on or off the motor by go on foot or by personal vehicle, which is a more expensive alternative. If the motor is not operated correctly, the motor will be damaged,or it may be destroyed. As a result, the farmer would be able to regulate the motor from a more convenient location. Our goal is to use GSM technology to control the motor from afar. Using the GSM technology, we can control the motor from any place for benefit to farmers. This project can also be used to control three-phase industrial motors through GSM. Manually operating industrial motors can be extremely risky and result in serious accidents. To avoid such a disaster, this GSM-based project is quite beneficial. We may also use this project to connect home appliances to start them automatically without the need for a human start.



3 Phase motor, GSM technology, Arduino UNO, Star delta

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