Review on Process Parameters of Rapid Manufacturing Process and Their Effects on Properties of Fabricated Parts

Ravi Shekhar Kinja, Dr. Kailash Chaudhary, Dr. Dinesh Shringi


3D printers have become a popular production approach in compared to traditional methods. One of well and commonly used additive manufacturing processes is fused deposition modelling (FDM). The FDM method of manufacturing parts has restricted capabilities such as model manufacturing and prototyping due to the absence of mechanical properties of the composite polymers used as dropping ingredients .Mechanical properties of thermoplastics components such as surface roughness, breaking elongation, tensile strength, and flexural strength are all explored. FDM is Fast Prototyping technique in which a plastic filament is molten in the 3D printer extruder and deposited on the 3D printer’s building platform to produce the object layer by layer. The mechanical qualities of items made with thermo plastic filaments and the FDM process were explored in depth in this work. The literature on developing thermoplastic fibers with better physical qualities than strands for 3d printing technology was reviewed. As a result, thermoplastic items made throughout this manner are more likely to be employed in a broader range of applications.


FDM, Thermo plastics, 3D printing, Infill percentage, Surface roughness, Impact Strength, Flexural strength.

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