Student Grievance Redressal System

Riya Agarwal, Purvi Agrawal, Sandhya Sisodiya, Purva Soni, Sejal Rathor, Jitendra Sharma


A grievance is a discontent or dispute which could arise at any level in any organization. If the organization is an academic institution, then this issue becomes more sensitive and important. Students are the most vulnerable entities at educational institutions often fail to express and sometimes failto seek proper support for the issues they face arising at numerous levels. Thus, on analyzing the prevailing state of redressed mechanisms of grievances at some of the prestigious colleges of Madhya Pradesh, it came as a revelation that none of them had a completely formulated grievance redressal mechanism to address the arising conflicts in the lives of the students. In wake of the above-mentioned problem as an implication, a prototype of grievance redressal has been worked out which could comply well with the solution provision for the arising conflicts for students. In this paper, we focus on the development and the execution of the above-mentioned    prototype    which    could  be incorporated to adhere to the grievance redressal\ for students. This paper puts deep insight into incorporating all those problem areaswhich were found on the basis of the analysis phase plus some additional necessary areas.



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