Ritik Nanawati, Yashasvee Basotia, Ronak Israni, Krishnapal Singh Deora, Ms. Charu Kavadia


 The purpose of the project is to implement an online database system that caters the doctor appointment scheduling, reservation and records management of consultation for a hospital or clinic. In this era of pandemic, medical clinics and hospitals imposed strict guidelines on the number of people who can enter their facility. Consultations to doctors are also very limited and can facilitate a limited number of patients. The online system for appointment and consultation is one of the solutions that can be used in order to give the people a way on how to contact their doctors and reserve an appointment for consultation. The implementation of the said project will help hospitals and clinics provide better client management while ease and comfort is the advantage on the patient end. The analysis and implementation result shows that the project is feasible and implementation is highly recommended by the researchers.


OPD appointment, Online doctor consultation, web application.

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