Priyanshu Sharma, Dushyant Menariya, Harshit Vairagi


One of India’s leading issues of growth is electricity theft. So, we try to research this issue, and from the previous data collection in India, most of the rural areas steal electricity which badly impacts the board of electricity.  As per the Central Electricity Authority, over 27 percent of all power produced in India is either lost due to dissipation from wires or theft. That's about 261,130 Gigawatt/hour of power annually- enough to light up New York for nearly two years. We don’t have any solution for it except punishment and penalty. So, we have a solution for it by just changing the frequencies of power with the help of the supply includes a small frequency converter (cyclo-converter) built into the meter and it has a fixed single mode of changing ratio, by which people are not able to make any change. we get the benefits from the load factor in the generation station. Our interpretation of these various results is that we will be able to stop the electricity stolen


Electrical theft, cyclo-converter, frequency variable meter, 60Hz Generationn

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