Yash Raj Singh Naruka, Dipak Prajapati, Tushar Kumar prajapati, Omprakash Prajapati, Gyanendra Kumar, Vishal Jain


An rating system for workers satisfaction based on various criteria is a system used to monitor in an organization, Job satisfaction has a big impact on how an employee performs his job. Both elements have an impact on job safety and employee perception of it. A satisfied employee devotes himself to work, performs orders better, cares for others and for himself. He feels safe in the enterprise. The aim of the paper was to assess employ-ees' job satisfaction and their work performance with use of simply survey. In order to achieve this aim, a survey was conducted among employees of a chosen metallurgi-cal enterprise who were asked to assess level of their job satisfaction. The employees defined their job satisfaction by referring to 20 statements describing this satisfaction and evaluating three factors that were used to compute the satisfaction index. The survey allowed for indication the general level of employee satisfaction. Keywords: job satisfaction, work performance, work safety .


rating system, employee performance

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v13i0.6843


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