Dr. Mayank Patel, Sheetal Sharma, Nitesh Kumawat


Sorting algorithms are the very important data structure operation. As we have millions or trillions of data stored in our memories, it is very difficult of us to find a specific required data. To sort data is to arrange them in ascending or descending order so as the searching, locating or arranging of data becomes easy. Every sorting has some advantages and some disadvantages, like wise each sorting algorithm takes different time to sort the data. In this research paper we compared various sorting algorithm in respect to their execution time. The efficiency of every algorithm varies with the number of input and we have compared the efficiency of algorithm so that we can could which algorithm is best to use based on the load. The sorting algorithms are evaluated in JAVA.


Bubble; Heap; Insertion; Merge; Selection; Sorting Algorithm Evaluation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v13i0.6842


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