A study on Optimal Strategy N-policy Fuzzy Vacation Queueing System With Server start up and Time out Using L-R Method

P Sudhakara Babu, K Satishkumar, K Chandan


In this study, the process of finding performance measures of N* is the  optimal threshold , L  is the expected system length  and T(N*) is the minimum expected cost for an optimal strategy analysis of N-policy FM / FM / 1 Vacation Queueing system with server Start-up and Time-out, in which the arrival rate and service rate triangular and trapezoidal fuzzy numbers are proposed. By using L-R method the L-R method is smaller and more convenient differentiate to alpha-cuts method. The cogency of the model is study by numerical example.


N-policy ,fuzzy vacation queue, performance measures, L-R method, triangular and trapezoidal fuzzy numbers

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