O. J.Ikani, M. M. Yahaya, O. A. Sanya, L. Durojaiye


This research was conducted with the broad objective of providing solution to the traditional student attendance system to a fully-computerized and automated system. The system was designed to improve the existing method of attendance taking by introducing a biometric feature i.e., fingerprint capturing. The system was built using C# and SecuGen fingerprint reader. It has successfully been able to capture the fingerprint image of any individual within a time range of 0.2 to 0.5 seconds, differentiating each captured fingerprint from others which has been captured previously, and recording the input data, there by achieving the objectives of the study. This system has been able to circumvent the problem of drudgery and in efficiency of the conventional method of attendance taking, and it is therefore recommended that this application of biometric system be adopted and used in schools and organizational bodies to reduce impersonation that is common in the old system of verifying candidates.


SecuGen, Fingerprint, Attendance, Biometric, Automated.

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