Attendance Management System using Fingerprint and Voice Recognition with Geofence

Devendra Kumawat, Gauri Shrimali, Kalpit Malviya, Mayank Kataria, Palak Intodia, Bhupendra Teli


An Attendance Management System is a system used to monitor attendance in an organization, which maximizes the productivity of that workplace and minimizes loss. Not only is it important to maintain the attendance but also to simplify rolling out payrolls. Attendance clearly illustrates which employees are consistent at their jobs and who are taking their jobs for granted. This system makes use of fingerprint scanning, voice recognition in addition to geofence constraint. The admin has the authority to construct a geofence i.e. a virtual boundary around the office so that whenever an employee tries to mark their attendance, they can do so only when they are inside the geofence. This paper illustrates the improvement of the Attendance Management System based on biometrics verification for an organization.


attendance management system, fingerprint, voice, biometric, geofence

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