Wi-Fi Captive Portlet Implementing Internet of Everything for Trimex Colleges Inc.

Analyn R Mendoza, Allen Llorca, Alyanna Gayle Verdadero, Jeane Villanueva, Jonell Marfil


The purpose of this study is to create a framework and test model that will provide an internet connection in Trimex Colleges, located in Biñan City, Laguna. The captive portal is a website or splash screen that will be shown until users can access the internet, applications or services using a desktop or mobile device. Often, captive portals display as login interfaces to guest Wi-Fi connections, like those you find in campus and nearby. Trimex Colleges focuses on all aspects of teaching, make teachings easier by providing a framework and set of tools for an additional tool such as the proposed Wi-Fi Portlet Implementing (IoE) for Trimex Colleges Inc. Biñan, Laguna. The Wi-Fi Portlet Implementing (IoE) is created to address the problem of expensive mobile data and internet connectivity. Since most students nowadays owns a smartphone with Wi-Fi capability, we can utilize the unlimited plans of our telecommunications/internet service provider by giving them privilege of internet usage using Wi-Fi Portlet system


Captive portal; Wi-Fi hotspot; Wi-Fi portlet system; Campus Wi-Fi

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