Carlo Batitis, Charlie Antonio Jr., Gerald Arandia, Bon Lynard Canta, Harrold Gueta


Thermal Detection Swing Gate Turnstile with QR Code Application. An automated health form system could be a big step forward in upgrading and updating the health information system as we enter the new normal way of life. This may assist administrators at all institutions in executing their new standard operating procedures. However, some establishments, unlike others, continue to use a manual approach to implementing health and safety protocols, such as handing out a health declaration form to be filled out, and their information may not be secure, and spreading the virus by giving and using the same pen to all clients who enter the establishment's premises. The Thermal Detection Swing Gate Turnstile with QR Code Application was created to address all of these difficulties. First, a prototype for an automated health form system that may be used by all clients, students, and employees. We made it easier for clients to use our system by including QR codes and RFID readers for students and employees. This will save them time when filling out their health declaration papers, and their data will be considerably safer because we built admin and super admin access so that only authorized persons have access to it.


Thermal Detection; RFID; QR Code; Automated Health Form; Internet of Things

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