Coastline and River Banks Erosion prediction using Image processing

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Bhavan Gowda N
Manoj J
Mithun M
A R Manish Varma
Prof. Surekha Thota


In recent years the people are aware of the threat posed by river banks and coastal erosion. In several parts of the world, national and local governments are planning strategic management strategies in response. A thorough knowledge of coastal processes is an essential component of the planning process. Coastline erosion prediction is a process of estimating the future coastline and river banks. It is crucial to understand and predict large-scale, longer-term coastal changes, in order to manage the risk of 33 coastal settlements in India. The ecstatic sea level rise due to global warming is predicted to be about 18 to 59 cm by the 2100, which necessitates identification and protection of vulnerable sections of coasts. Research has been conducted for identification of coastal erosions and predicting changes in the coast line but none involves computerized technique for erosion prediction. Hence, we propose an innovative and practical method of predicting the changes in the coastline by using computer tools. The main aim of this project is to predict the coastline erosion efficiently by analyzing the images recorded through google earth. The absorbed images from google earth are feather processed and the transformed images are used for predicting the changes using SSIM tool.



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