Design and Construction of a Door Security Alarm System based on SMS Verification and Voice Recognition

Adeleye Samuel Falohun, B.O. Makinde, T. H. Akin-Olayemi, F. W. Akinleye, O.P. Kehinde and T. M. Oyelami


Home security is very crucial, different ways of security system have been enhanced such as the use of alarms, monitoring system, through the interaction of electronic hardware, software and much more. This project involves SMS verification and voice message based door access system to detect intruders, trespassers, criminals or any form of criminal act. The project is to design and construct a door security alarm system based on SMS verification and voice recognition. The objectives of this project are as follows: To design a security system that would automatically control the operations of a door via voice command through android application development and via SMS verification using GSM module. To develop and implement a system that utilizes voice command and SMS verification technology for access. To provide perfect security for door access, this project made use of two different technologies viz SMS verification and voice recognition. The microcontroller continuously receives command from the GSM module and the android application which is connected through the Bluetooth module. It then takes decision on the basis of the command received. The system has been designed to work with GSM technology, which will generate a message, every time an intruder tries to get an unauthorized access to the house. There is a unique voice keyword that grants access to the door via Google’s open-source speech-to-text on the android application using HC-05 Bluetooth module is employed to serve as a wireless link between the android application and the door. Having designed the system and found it working properly according to its design, the aim of the project can be said to be achieved. Thus, Voice Recognition and SMS verification offers a better security than traditional methods of security.


Security, GSM Module, Voice recognition module, Microcontroller, Access control system, Arduino

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