Shubhi Shrivastava, Iti Mathur, Nisheeth Joshi


Ontologies bolsters data disclosure, sharing and reuse among people and enable semantic interoperability between PC based structures. To develop correspondences between data thoughts addressed in Ontologies. Once in a while the correspondence between the client and PC is in various language, which is extremely hard to comprehend for both. Ontology matching is at the center of overseeing Cross Lingual on the semantic web. In this paper, we present a way to deal with take care of the issue of multilingualism on the semantic web, in view of Syntactic matching . To determine linguistic issue, two Ontologies (one in English and one in Hindi) of same space, interior portrayal, number of matching algorithm dependent on Syntactic method (Edit distance (Levenshteindistance LD)), and Machine Translator.


Cross Lingual Ontology Matching, Syntactic Matching, Edit Distance Algorithm, Fuzzy Implication, Machine Translation

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