Ravishankar H, Jasmine J, Kavya Parameshwar Bhat, Keerthana L G


The rapid growth of modern-day technology has paved way for innovative ideas, one of them is presented in this paper, which is  “Barbie with Brains”. This Barbie is contradictory to the other dolls which stays idle, perhaps interacts with  humans especially kids, just like any typical person would do. This interactive Barbie becomes more charismatic with its breathtaking features, like Barbie itself being a knowledge hub for education purposes, which benefits children in their schooling and learning, where sometimes there is no need of any knowledge or teaching backup, while Barbie is around. Some of the fascinating physiognomy  of it, is to make kids feel comfortable with their own toys by initiating conversation, its ability to recognize faces, detecting emotions, plays  comforting  songs and related  messages. Detecting harmful objects and obstacles around the kid or anywhere  to it, serves as a safety measure, not only that,  it clicks a picture and emails as well as drops an alarming message to parents or concerned registered people about  the emergency situation.




Keywords: knowledge hub, recognize faces, detecting emotions, detecting harmful objects and obstacles., clicks a picture, drops an alarming message.

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