Performance Evaluation and Rate of Acceptance of Various Multistage Interconnection Networks

Lovnish Bansal, and Shruti Goel


This paper states the various methods to evaluate performance of various Multistage Interconnection Networks. A number of Interconnection
Networks are studied to get the most reliable network. We have implemented three different algorithms to find the reliability of a network and to
get the probability of acceptance of a Multistage Interconnection Network. We also come to the conclusion that the Irregular Multistage Interconnection
Networks are more reliable than Regular Multistage Interconnection Network because the number of stages in Irregular Multistage Interconnection
Networks are lesser than that of Regular Multistage Interconnection Networks .
A Number of Performance factors are used like Bandwidth, Probability of Acceptance and cost of regular and irregular interconnection networks. We
will also compute reliability of various Multistage Interconnection Networks with and without repairing of switching elements.


Keywords: Multistage Interconnection Network, Bandwidth, Performance, Reliability, Switching elements.

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