ShamanthDL ShamanthDL, Sudhakar ., Vikesh reddy, Nishchay M, Prof.Sohara Banu


ABSTRACT--Heart disease is one of the notable causes of death in worldwide everyday divination of heart disease is a critical challenge in area of medical data analysis. Machine learning (ML) has been shown to be successful in helping in making decision and prediction from huge quantity of data produced by medical health care industry. Medical data mining is an important area of data mining and considered as one of the important research field due to the application in medical health care domain. In medical data mining classification and prediction of medical dataset process challenges. It is difficult to medical practice to predict the heart attack as it complex task. The health sector at present contain the information that are hidden and which are important in making decision. Data mining algorithms such as Naïve Bayes algorithm, decision tree algorithm and random forest are applied in the research for heart disease prediction the result show the comparison between the three algorithm and selecting the best one among three, the Random forest algorithm will provide the more accuracy can compared to all the three algorithms.



Naive Bayes Algorithm, Decision Tree Algorithm, Random forest.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v11i0.6568


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