Rotini Raja, Sai Lakshmi P, Priyanaka N, Rashmi S and Supreeth S


India is a densely populated country where traffic is a major issue in our country. We can see traffic accidents are increased day by day and becoming more pathetic nowadays. Even though the government are running so many campaigns to raise awareness in public but still we can’t able to reduce the death rate due to road accident are not decreased at all. Main cause of the accident is a high speed, rash driving and mental pressure Some of the papers deals with how to track accidents before it could happen and alert the driver to maintain some speeds limit so that person can avoid an accident by taking early precaution to avoid the accident but this paper focuses on how to rescue person life by immediately admitted to a nearby hospital after meeting with an accident. the paper deals with analysing an image uploaded by the end-users once the image is uploaded into the module. once it is uploaded it should satisfy many criteria if these criteria are satisfied only then it continues the process otherwise it terminates the process .criteria to be satisfied to continue the execution one it is a recently uploaded image or it should not be downloaded image, second it is real or fake, third it should be major injury if it is a minor injury then it will terminate the process .these all things happen in the second module i.e. image processing. once the image processing is done it will track the exact location where the accident has met through GPSs send the exact address and ping to the ambulance to arrive at that exact location.



Keywords—roadaccident ,image uploading, image processing,GPSs

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