Study on Tribological Characteristics of hoisting equipment brake system

Sen ZHANG, Aiqin HUANG, Pehai LIU


In industrial production, there are strict requirements for the braking effect of heavy transport equipment such as elevator and belt conveyor. The working capacity and reliability of the brake are the basis for ensuring efficient production. Based on the friction and wear test, taking the average friction coefficient and stable wear rate as the key parameters to measure the reliability and stability of the brake, the friction and wear characteristics of the hydraulic disc brake of the hoist under different working conditions are analyzed and studied. The results shows that the average friction coefficient and stable wear rate of the brake fluctuate less with the change of brake pressure in the middle speed range. At this time, the adhesive and matrix fiber in the friction pad have not been decomposed and modified, and the strength and shape of the surface micro convex structure are relatively moderate, so the braking reliability is in good condition.



computer simulation, brake, metallography, wear, friction

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