Implementation of Weighted Products in the Making of a Healthy Human Resource Assessment System for Public Health Centers

Lena Elfianty, Nofi Qurniati, Jusuf Wahyudi


The performance evaluation of medical personnel at the Public Health Center is a form of government efforts to improve health service providers for the community. To realize these goals, the government, through the Minister of Health's Decree number 857/MENKES/SK/IX/2009 concerning performance evaluation of Health Human Resources. The implementation of human resource performance appraisal has been carried out so far, only by recording personal data individually, so that the data gap has an opportunity to be engineered by someone.  Determining the performance of health human resource performance with excellent performance, the Decision Support System is using by the Weighted Product (WP) method, where this method is very suitable for the selection of various alternatives that depart from the determination of the weight of each assessment criteria. With the decision of the optimal weight by the Head of the Community Health Center, this method began to formulate a weight matrix to used as an exponential factor for each medical staff's compatibility rating.   The program output obtained, it turns out not much different compared to manual calculations — testing by examining the program outputs with manual counts. Although there are slight differences between the two results, the difference is tiny, ranging from 0.001 to 0.002. But because the main goal of the decision support system is to get the best ranking of alternatives.


Performance Evaluation, Assessment, Health Human, Resources, Puskesmas

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