Parametric Computer Simulation and Metallographic Analysis of Aluminum Alloy Dies

Zhiyong WANG


According to computer simulation method, the influence of die exterior angle and die interior angle on the deformation of 6082 aluminium alloy during ECAP extrusion was analysed under the condition that other factors remained unchanged. The effects of the internal and external angles of the die on the load, deformation and deformation uniformity of 6082 aluminium alloy during ECAP extrusion were analysed by load-stroke curve, deformation diagram of grid nodes, equivalent strain rate, equivalent stress distribution and variation curve. By comparing and analysing the microstructure, tensile properties, hardness, XRD and texture of 6082 aluminium alloy before and after ECAP deformation, it is concluded that after ECAP deformation, the microstructure of 6082 aluminium alloy is refined, and the yield strength, tensile strength and elongation of the specimen are effectively improved. The tensile fracture surface of ECAP is typical shear fracture.


computer simulation, finite element, aluminium alloy, metallographic

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