Secure Data Transmission in MP3 file using LSB and Echo Hiding

Shwe Sin Myat Than


Steganography is the hiding secret message in the various media and very popular in today network transmission and information security. Although many of the secure transmission have been done in digital image, a little work has been done in audio mp3 file. Hiding data in mp3 file is the most researchable area and preferable way to carry secret data. Therefore this paper proposes a way of hiding secret message into mp3 file by using LSB, Least Significant Bit technique and Echo Hiding. LSB is the most popular steganographic technique but there is a weak point in including noise, compression technique and extraction process. To compensate that weakness, the combination of Echo Hiding in time spectrum is proposed. The integration is used in serial. To test the effectives of the methods, various types of genres is prepared in different compression rates. The experimental results are carried out for different size of the secret message files.


Audio; Echo Hiding; Information Security; Least Significant Bit (LSB); MP3; Secure Data Transmission; Steganography

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