Speaker Recognition System Using Signal Processing Tool in MATLAB

Ledisi Giok Kabari


Speech Recognition is the process in which certain words of a particular speaker will automatically recognized based on the information included in individual speech waves. Speech is one of the most important medium by which a communication can take place. The invention and widespread use of mobiles, telephones, data storage devices etc. have provided a major help in speech communication and its analysis. These also brought about ever-increasing need to authenticate and identify individuals automatically. Biometrics which identifies the physical traits and behavioural characteristics that make each of us unique therefore becomes necessary as a natural choice for identity verification. Advances in Biometric technology promises an effective solution to the world security needs as it can accurately identify or verify individuals based upon their unique physical or behavioural characteristics. This paper demonstrates a speech recognition system using signal processing tool in MATLAB. MATLAB programming was used to develop code that compares the pitch and formant vectors of a known speech signal with the bunch of other unknown speech signals and identifies appropriate match. The system was repeated several times to test it accuracy and was found to always make a perfect match.


Speech Recognition, Signal Processing, MATLAB, Pitch Analysis, Speech Editing

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v10i4.6446


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