Computer simulation research and analysis of heat in braking process



Aiming at the problem of heat dissipation performance of disc brake, a computer simulation method is used to analyze the braking process. Taking ventilated brake disc as the research object, four geometric models of ventilated brake disc with different arrays and shapes were established. Considering typical braking conditions, the heat dissipation characteristics of ventilated brake discs were simulated by computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The influence of array mode and shape of rib heat dissipation structure on heat dissipation characteristics of ventilated brake disc is analyzed. The results show that the array mode of the rib plate heat dissipation structure in the radial ventilation duct has a great influence on the heat dissipation characteristics of the brake disc. In the ventilation duct of the triangular array ribbed heat dissipation structure, there is less air resistance, stronger turbulence, less flow separation, higher convective heat transfer coefficient and heat flux.

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