Enhancing Mentoring Between Alumni and Students at Middle East College: An Android Mobile Application Using Data Mining Techniques

NAJAT Khalifa, Puttaswamy M R, Raza Hassan


Graduates are a very important part of universities and colleges where graduates' participation can be considered common among universities and colleges these days. The idea of implementing a mobile application for alumni association is to associate all the alumni together with Middle East College and make the association more active and interactive through a high involvement.  We are aware of the importance of graduate students where they can be considered as the key function for any university and any college. Furthermore, it is very important to utilize the power of the graduates. In this paper we propose a framework on how to building a mobile application for alumni association can enhance mentoring between alumni and students of Middle East College using data mining. It is not easy to apply data mining to enhance mentoring between alumni and current students. In the mobile application simple data mining algorithms are performed for more interactive between the alumni and current students.


Data mining, KDD, Classification, Mobile application

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v10i3.6440


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