Study on Honeypot based secure Network System

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 In this modern world the use of computers are increasing day by day.As the result of this computer revolution the use of internet and computer networks also increases.People are so habituated to Internet as they do all kinds of work like food orders,online shopping,job assignments,online education by just one click.By sitting in home we can know what is happening around the world.though it has several advantages,it has its own risks and and vulnerabilities too.The private industries and government organizations which uses internet must adopt some security measures to safe guard their networks from cyber attacks.This paper explains the concept of honeypot an intrusion detection system that provide security to networks.This model runs as a virtual machine with small vulnerability which is created on purpose to lure the attackers so that the intruder can gain company’s content which is a fake information.this model is used to capture patterns and various techniques used by intruders and create a list activities.By using this list the network system can be protected from cuber attacks.Honeypots can capture any kind of unauthorized access ,record and report it to the   admin to prevent those attacks and go further with legal actions.Group of honeypots are combined to form honeynet that provide security to several networks


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RUSHIKESH KATKAM, Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology

Computer Science and Engineering


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