Privacy provision for TIP attributes in NTTP Based LBS Systems

Sheeza Qaiser, Syeda Aniqa Bukhari, Wafa Zainab, M. Usman Ashraf


Location Based Services (LBS) are mainly concerned to protect privacy of users because privacy is a core need of any user who deals with any computing system. In LBS systems, privacy is concerned with three fundamental metrics such as temporal information, user identity & spatial information. According to variance of multiple scenarios these three attributes must be protected because losing one’s privacy attribute can lead to full privacy intervention of user. Different strategies are being used to deal these metrics including TTP and NTTP. Therefore the purpose is to bring the privacy at user’s satisfaction level in LBS for user identity, temporal & spatial information attributes by using NTTP (Non-Trusted Third Party). In current study, we have conducted a comprehensive survey on approaches of NTTP in LBS systems. The purpose of survey was to focus on further advancements of these proposed models.


Location Based Services (LBS); User Privacy; NTTP Approaches; Temporal Information; Spatial Information; User Identity

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