Analyn Rubio Mendoza, Ana Rose Balbuena, Therese M. Santos, Beverly Cabral, Louie F. Agustin


A Point of Sale System is a enterprise solution primarily based on software program used to tune sales pastime and inventory simultaneously. Manufacturers and outlets can both benefit from a comprehensive answer the place single transaction entry records, quintessential client details, purchased products; rate and date are also updated. The gadget would be of awesome assist to the entire procedure due to the fact it serves as many customers as possible at a speedy tempo and helps to screen all kinds of data faster, less complicated and extra conveniently. The Inventory  Point of Sale System may be a computer-based way of checking and reviewing the company's deals; it is speedier and additional dependable than physically. The machine can minimize upgrading botches and can be gotten to effortlessly. Management can effectively make consistent, reliable and timely determinations with the assistance of the System with Inventory. When it comes to getting get to records, a computerized record is plenty better than a direct framework, due to the truth the pace at which this could be performed is speedier. If documents are required, they can be gotten to in seconds by looking at the show for appropriate data. All the required insights necessary can be saved in a single record, as unfriendly to reams of paper and exceptional files for each item requiring screening within the manual framework.


Inventory; Point of Sale; System; Auditing; Business

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v10i2.6378


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