Mohammad Ali Bani Younes


Abstract: Nowadays, the internet plays a key role in almost every aspect of life. This article presents a new set of data storage and protection challenges. It shows a general introduction to cryptography and discusses most of the available articles of image encryption techniques that increase the levels of data security. However, different encryption techniques can be used to protect the digital data confidentiality from unauthorized access. Furthermore, the cryptographic techniques discussed in this article can be used to support researchers to develop new techniques to provide high levels of security and thus reduce the risk of security. With the advancement of science and knowledge, the protection techniques lead to increase versatility and security of data transfer in the future.


Asymmetric; Cryptanalysis; Cryptography; Image encryption

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Mohammad Ali Bani Younes received BSc in computer science from Yarmouk University/ Jordan in1986, MSc from Sudan University of Science and Technology in 2003, and PhD from University Sains Malaysia in 2009 respectively. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor at Ajloun National University at the Department of Computer Science.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v10i1.6350


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