AminSalih Mohammed Mohammed, M. Sivaram, Dr. D. Yuvaraj, V. Porkodi


An AD HOC Mobile network is a collection of nodes that can be freely, and without any network infrastructure, communicate with each other via radio frequencies.  Easy implementation, establishment and infrastructureless make AD HOC network to play an important role in various area such as military, emergency, natural disasters, urban campus, etc. Nowadays, development of wireless networks, as well as, information security requirement is growing rapidly. Wireless network security is one of the most important research topics. In this work, the analyze of Gateway Routing Protocol(GRP) and security of this routing protocol is discussed. GRP is selected for this study. In the paper the effect of the Wormhole and black hole attack in GRP routing protocol will be investigated and diagnosing and solution is provided for this type of attack. GRP is a proactive protocol and uses quadrants for fuzzy routing. This controls the amount of flooding done by GRP.


AD HOC, GRP routing protocol, Black Hole Attack, Network Security

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OPNET Tutorial School of Engineering Science Simon Fraser University



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