File Synchronization between Digital Safes

Shah Vishal, Sushma V, Shweta Hiremath, Vijayalaxmi ., Manjunath P C


The main concern of Cloud storage solutions is to provide the availability of mobility needs and different devices to end users. To provide such services to end user which resolve to a challenge for cloud services. This challenge is solved by developing a secure framework which ensures that the end user data is continuously and automatically synchronized when user moves from one device to another device. Additionally the framework provides with property of secured sharing the data of end user with specific user. To provide this framework we propose a protocol known as synchronization protocol through which we can detect the changes of two different file versions which are located in a system in variety of devices. To detect the changes between two different file versions in a system we adopt Hierarchical Hash Tree and to provide the sharing of data for user we adopt Web Socket protocol which increases the efficiency of synchronization protocol.


File synchronization, Web socket, Hierarchical hash tree, cloud storage service, synchronization protocol.

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