Advanced ATM Multilevel Authentication Using Fingerprint Verification and OTP Validation

Hari Narayanan, I Mohammed Junaid, Uttham K, Mohammed Ibrahim, Kiran M


This paper outlines state-of-the-art solution for ATM authentication mechanismthat provides advanced ATM multilevel authentication using fingerprint verification and OTP (One-Time-Password) validation. The advanced components used to meet the state-of-theart solution are Arduino Uno Board, RFID Reader, Adafruit Fingerprint Sensor, Micro SD Card module, GSM module SIM800C and Keypad. The result shown from this proposed system provides better authentication, security and safety mechanisms for the actual ATM card holder during his banking transaction in ATM booth and completely avoids unauthorized users to get access with the illegal transactions.


ATM Multilevel Authentication, Fingerprint Verification, OTP Validation, Arduino Uno

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