Framework for data security from SQL Injection in cloud computing

Sarika ., Shweta Kumari, Seema M, Sona Singh, Supreeth S


-SQL Injection is one of the top 10 web app vulnerabilities where any unauthorized person directly invokes the malicious SQL query in database that will raise the issue of integrity and privacy of data which will definitely fails the maintenance of database. Till now there is no proper provision of providing security in the Infrastructure layer of cloud. In this paperwe are trying to provide solution by Implementing it in cloud computing using “as-a-service” delivery model that means we are assuring security for databases from malicious SQL queries that will hamper the company’s database. These services can be consumed by any IAA Sapplications.Problems occurring from SQL injection can be avoided with the correct validation. The validation of the query which is written in SQL form are validated by using the Grammar checking using Regular Expressions of the query and it also includes the use of hybrid techniques for detecting malfunctions by passing our query fromWhite List and Black List. White List test contains the syntax which should always show pass status if the query is not harmful. Black List contains some special symbols such as $, * , -- , ‘  ’ etc and conditions like a=a or 1=1. So, black list should always show fail status which means that the query is safe to run.


As-a-service, Black list, White list, Pay-asyou-go, PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, SQLIID

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