Maruthi H V, Lavanya A R, Lakshmi Priya, Meda Manideep, Laxmi Jayannavar


This paper presents an IOT antithesis which help to evaluate and plan the nature of water. The residential societies cut back install this course of action easily. OPC UA(Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control Unified Architecture)[1] is a platform individualistic service-oriented hut for the lead of processes in the logistic and industry sectors. The time signature roles in raw material authority are solid metering and deciding having hassle with tariff, as with a free hand as billing system. The pattern to did what one is told and conclude the price of raw material in the swine pipeline on a internet server is approaching in this freebie. There are all systems to do the cognate, notwithstanding this is about via the internet by the whole of the corroborate of raspberry pi and arduino to control the affairs of the disbursement of mineral deposit. Raspberry pi a mini personal digital assistant accepts the word from arduino micro-controller which is accessible by computer to the go with the tide meter and it besides uploads the announcement onto outweigh infrastructure to what place database is configured. The Hall portion sensor based dance meter is hand me down to contrast the flow figure of the water. The day-to-day figure of raw material to its users and mineral deposit distributors is portrayed by web headquarters solutions. This freebie includes brought pressure to bear up on authority, resources ministry and leakage management aspects of raw material monitoring course of action and it besides bring to a meet to prognosticate the outlay of the water in age for its users using progress data analytics.


water supply monitoring and controlling, problem statement, Water Level sensor[2],IoT, cloud(thing speak).

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